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With effect from September 1st 2019 our minister is Rev Latika Singh. If you want to contact Latika (but see also note below) her telephone number is 01527-576059 or you can email her at 


Latika's message is as follows:


"Hello friends.

I am Latika and was born and brought up in a loving Christian family in India. Now living in the UK for 20 years. The Church has always been the most important part of my life and my faith in Christ is the light in my life. Worshiping and serving the Lord is my passion that helps me to share His love and Gospel.

I am a people person and enjoy a good laugh, value fellowship and gain energy to carry on through prayers, from pastoral visits and other opportunities where I meet people. My perception in life to never to give up until I have tried and explored enough that God has put in your heart.   

I believe creator God loves all his creation and that we are interrelated, therefore, we must value creation and each other equally and care for all that God has created.

I am challenged to seek God’s heart and inspired for God’s mission. I feel called to an outward looking, justice seeking and nurturing ministry that value people and their gifts to encourage all-inclusive growth. God’s vision for us is to worship the Lord with love and passion, extend the hand of loving friendship and warmth, to be a hospitable, serving and welcoming community which embraces everyone and points people to Christ.   

I trust that God is continuously inviting us to explore new things and dreams and building new bridges where people of all walks of life and abilities feel free to travel and find God’s grace and love."  


PLEASE NOTE: Latika is not available on Fridays as this is her rest day.

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