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Celebration Dinner

150th Anniversary Celebrations of Methodism in Catshill

150th diiner 1.jpg
150th dinner 2.jpg
150th dinner 3.jpg
150th dinner 4.jpg
150th dinner 5.jpg
150th dinner 6.jpg
150th dinner 7.jpg
150th dinner 9.jpg
150th dinner 8.jpg
150th dinner 11.jpg
150th diner 12.jpg
150th dinner 10.jpg

Celebration Cake

150th cake 1.jpg
150th cake 3.jpg

The Celebration Cake was iced with the current and previous buildings on the sides.

150th cake 2.jpg
150th cake 4.jpg

Cross of Nails

150th Arnold and crosses.jpg

Arnold Masters and some of the 150 Crosses of Nails he made especially for the 150th Celebration.

Cross of Nails.jpg

Party and displays by groups

150th party invite.jpg
150th display 3.jpg

Tuesday at 8

150th display 1.jpg
150th display 2.jpg
150th display 7.jpg
150th display 6.jpg
150th display 4.jpg

Youth Club

Youth Groups

Women's Own



150th cutting 1.bmp

Press Cuttings

150th cutting 2.bmp
150th cutting 4.bmp
150th cutting 3.bmp
150th cutting 3.bmp
150th cutting 5.bmp
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